Airplane Accidents among World Leaders

In 1918, John P. Mitchell, Mayor of New York City, fell 500 feet to his death from an airplane.  At the time, it was assumed that he had forgotten to fasten his seat belt.   Mitchell thus became the first political leader to die during an airflight.  To date, 230 famous persons have died in airplane accidents, including 24 heads of state (listed below).  In fact, air travel has been listed as the cause of death for only 2.38% of world rulers, as compared to 2.24% of famous persons in other fields.

World Leaders Who Have Died in Airplane Accidents

2010Lech KaczynskiPoland
2004Boris TrajkovskiMacedonia
1997Abdul Rahim GhafoorzaiAfghanisan
1994Cyprien Ntaryamira  Burundi
1994Juvenal Habyarimana Rwanda
1988Muhammad Zia  Ul-HaqPakistan
1986Samora Machel  Mozambique
1981Jaime Roldos AguileraEcuador
1981Omar Torrijos Panama
1980Francisco Carneiro Portugal
1979Ahmed Ould  BouceifMauritania
1977Dzemal Bijedic  Jugoslavia
1976Joel Rakotomalala  Madascar
1971Lin Piao  China
1969Rene BarrientosBolivia
1967Humberto Castelo  BrancoBrazil
1966Abdul Salam ArifIraq
1961Dag Hammarskjold  United Nations
1959Barthelemy Boganda  Central African Republic
1957Ramon Magsaysay  Philippines
1945Subhas Chandra  BoseIndia
1943Wladyslaw SikorskiPoland
1940Jose Felix EstigarribiaParaguay
1936Arvid Lindman  Sweden

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