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Movie Directors: Suicide

This week, Tony Scott jumped to his death from a bridge in Los Angeles- the 17th Producer/Director to commit suicide (full list below). As of August 20, 2012 the VIPatients app documents the diseases / deaths of 19,766 famous people.   A cause of death is listed for 17,676 of these – of whom 1,132 (6.4%) have committed suicide.  

203 (6.3%) of people in the Movie Industry have taken their own lives, including 17 (3.7%) of Producers / Directors.   

 Jumping was listed as the specific suicide method for 7.2% of all famous persons, 8.8% of  Movie People … and 29.4% of Producers / Directors !

Producers / Directors who have committed suicide:

Berkeley, Busby 

Bern, Paul 

Davidson, Paul 

Desai, Manmohan *

Fassbinder, Rainer Werner 

Itami, Juzo  *

Jutra, Claude 

Monicelli, Mario  *

Moore, Perry 

Quine, Richard 


Rosson, Richard

Scott, Tony *

Smith, Pete  *

Van Dyke, W.S. 

Whale, James 

Woodbridge, Strong Van Dyke

 * Committed suicide by jumping


1. One additional Director, Akira Kurosawa, attempted suicide by slashing his wrists and throat in 1971 (unsucessful) 

2. During 1941 to 2012, three Producers / Directors (Monicelli, Van Dyke and Wooodbridge) committed suicide while under treatment for cancer … accounting for 18% of suicides in this profession.   Concurrent cancer is listed for only 4.3% of suicides in other professions which occurred during the same period.

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