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Neil Armstrong: Death from Coronary Bipass

This week Neil Armstrong died following surgery to open blockages in his coronary arteries.  To date, only 25 famous persons (VIP’s) have died from this procedure, accounting for only 0.35% of the 7,006 VIP deaths recorded since the procedure was developed (see list below).   The first of these (Eisenstadt, Jacobs and Kieslowski) occurred in 1996. 

VIPatients lists the diseases / causes of deaths for 61 Astronauts and Cosmonauts.  35 of these have died of vehicular accidents (including 13 airplane accidents), 11 from cancer and 9 from heart attack..  One Astronaut, Charles Jones was murdered – a passenger aboard a hijacked airplane on September 11, 2001.

Death Associated with Coronary Bypass or Angioplasty

  Armstrong, Neil

  Clower, Jerry 

  de Marco, Guido 


  Eisenstadt, Benjamin 

  Eisner, Will 

  Gemmell, David 

  Glickman, Marty 

  Griffey, Dick 

  Guinzburg, Thomas 

  Jacobs, Bernard 

  Jones (Singer), Joe 

  Kieslowski, Krysztof 

  Leela, Chindodi 

  Maddoux, Marlin 

  Mansfield, Mike 

  Norden, Christine 

  Randall, Tony 

  Rock, Joe 

  Serling, Rod 

  Sutton, Ed 

  Thesz, Lou 

  Trafficante, Santo 

  Wando (Wanderley Alves dos Reis) 

  Waxman, Al 

  Wise, Ernie 

 VIPatients is an IPhone / Android App which follows the diseases and deaths of ALL famous persons.

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