Death in a Bathtub

Fo all it’s worth, Whitney Houston is the 23rd famous person known to have died in a bath-tub (catagory includes showers and jaccuzzis).  

The complete list follows.  (musicians are marked with an asterix *)

  Allen, Hervey  
  Barnett, Isobel  
  Clayton, Paul  *
  Cochran, Sir Charles Blake  
  Dominguez, Oscar  
  Dutschke, ‘Red Rudy’  
  Farndon, Pete  *
  Givens, Candy  *
  Guzman, Jacobo  
  Hardy, Mary  
  Heggen, Thomas O.  
  Houston, Whitney * 
  Marat, Jean-Paul  
  Mauldin, Bill  
  Montez, Maria  
  Morphy, Paul  
  Morrison, Jim  *
  Pfaff, Kristen  *
  Radcliffe, Marc  
  Redenbacher, Orville  
  Romanos III Argyros  

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