Brain Tumors and Cell Phones – Trends among VIP’s

Much controversy surrounds the possible role of cellular telephones in the etiology of brain tumors.  One approach to the problem might be an analysis of cancer trends before and following the current wave of mass-usage of cell phones during the early 1990’s     The obituaries of famous persons, a fairly homogeneous population, was used to examine the relative contribution of brain cancer to mortality statistics during this period.   An interactive website, follows the diseases and deaths of all V.I.P’s.   As of October, 2009, the site contains 13,500 famous ‘patients’ – of whom 235 were known to have suffered from brain tumors.   The following graph depicts trends in brain tumors during the period before – and during – the era of cellular telephones.  Since the number of famous persons who die grows constantly, data were analyzed to show the relative contribution of brain tumors to death, and to cancer death as a whole.  These data fail to show any evidence of increasing brain tumor incidence.  Access all of this information, with expanded content and functions on the new IPhone app = VIPatients.