Senator Kennedy – the 230th VIP to Die of Brain Cancer

As of this week 2,999 famous persons (VIP’s) have died of cancer. The tumor type  was recorded in 2,124 cases – of which brain cancer accounted for 230 (10.8%).  Thus, Senator Edward Kennedy joins a growing list of VIP’s with this disease.  Other victims have included:

  • Movie people:  Pamela Britton, Susan Hayward, Arthur Kennedy, Pola Negri, Ann Pennington, Zachary Scott, Alexis Smith, Francois Truffaut and Bobby Vann
  • World leaders:  Claire Booth Luce, Mo Mowlam and Sir Thomas Raffles
  • Music greats:  William “Cat” Anderson, Sergio Franchi, George Gershwin, Johnnie Mercer, Ethel Merman, Lou Rawls and Barnard “Buddy” Rich
  • Sports personalities:   Bobby Bonds, Milt Davis, Dick Howser, Walter Johnson, Tommy Jones, Wayne Maki and Pete Rozelle.
  • Authors:  John Galsworthy, Thor Heyerdahl, Chaim Potok and Mary Shelly.

The complete list is available at – an interactive site that follows all of the diseases and deaths … of all famous persons, in real time.  Users can access the medical history of a single “VIP” or generate a list based on disease and or profession.  Or access all of this information with expanded content and functions on the new IPhone app = VIPatients.